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Elevate your property's success with VIA Developments' property management services, maximizing value, minimizing headaches, and delivering superior results.

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VIA's commercial property management team efficiently manages a portfolio of several million square feet of property. Our team has deep expertise in handling single or multi-tenant from small and large-scale operations. Current assets under management include commercial buildings, downtown high rise, office complexes, medical, multi-tenant campuses, retail strip centers and mixed use facilities. We measure ourselves against a standard of providing clients excellent service, rapid responses, and maximizing value with an owner's mentality.


Expert Market Knowledge

VIA Properties team possesses extensive market knowledge and a deep understanding of commercial property dynamics. Their insights into local trends, tenant demands, and the market gives them an edge in making informed decisions to maximize your property's value.

Comprehensive Property Maintenance 

Our dedicated team goes above and beyond to ensure your property receives impeccable care. From regular inspections to prompt repairs and preventive maintenance, we keep your property in top-notch condition. We seek to enhance tenant satisfaction and safeguard your asset's long-term value.

Effective Tenant Management

We excel at fostering positive tenant relationships and minimizing vacancies. At VIA Properties, we proactively approach tenant satisfaction, providing responsive communication and efficient lease administration. We aim to achieve high tenant retention rates and a thriving occupancy level, providing a steady and profitable rental property.

Financial Expertise and Reporting


Navigating property finances has never been easier. Our team handles budgeting, rent collection, expense optimization, and comprehensive financial reporting with precision and transparency. We give you a clear and accurate overview of your property's financial picture, empowering you to make informed decisions and allowing you to track progress and performance.

Technology-driven Solutions

We leverage cutting-edge technology to streamline operations and boost efficiency. Advanced property management software, user-friendly online portals, and data analytics  are a few of the ways we embrace modern tools to improve efficiency. These tools facilitate seamless communication, automate workflows, and provide real-time insights. Stay connected, informed, and in control of your property with our technology-driven solutions.

Proactive Risk Management

Protecting your property's reputation and value is our top priority. We take a proactive approach to risk management, conducting thorough assessments and implementing robust security measures. We stay ahead of legal and regulatory compliance, ensuring your property operates in a secure environment. When the unexpected occurs, our team is well versed in managing a wide variety of insurance, legal, and compliance issues. With us, you can have peace of mind knowing that your investment is safeguarded from potential risks.


In 2018, VIA Developments acquired and transformed a former Bible College campus into a bustling hub for education-focused entities, non-profits, and entrepreneurs. Located in the heart of Fort Wayne, Indiana, this 250,000 square-foot multi-tenant campus is now a testament to our commitment to adaptive reuse, transforming underutilized buildings into thriving spaces of innovations and social good. 

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Director of Property Managment 


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