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Many owners look to VIA as a way to raise additional cash for their businesses. With our sale-leaseback program, VIA provides a risk-free look at what a fair valuation for your property would provide you in current cash. As part of the transaction, an owner sells their property to VIA, and VIA leases the property back to the owner's business - freeing up capital for the business to thrive. 

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We offer comprehensive Sale-Leaseback services designed to unlock the value of your real estate assets while ensuring operational continuity. Under this arrangement, we facilitate the sale of your property to an investor, after which you lease it back for a specified period, allowing you to free up capital while maintaining the use of the property. Our expert team handles all the intricacies of the transaction, working closely with you to structure a lease agreement that aligns with your business objectives. With our Sale-Leaseback services, you get a strategic solution that maximizes your financial flexibility and operational efficiency.


Phase 1 - Sell Your Property

We work with you to craft a proposal for your property, a win-win deal that equips you with liquid capital while augmenting our asset portfolio.

Phase 2 - Lease it Back

We collaborate with you to tailor a lease that aligns with your business requirements.

Phase 3 - Maintain Business Operations

You concentrate on your core operations, while we handle the property-related complexities on your behalf

Final Phase - Free Up Capital

This deal provides a powerful financial tool for businesses, offering immediate access to capital, improved balance sheet metrics, and the freedom to focus on core operations, all while maintaining the continuity of operating from a familiar location

Discover the financial freedom and strategic flexibility with VIA Developments' unique real estate solutions. Unlock the capital tied in your property with our Sale-Leaseback services. We are here to tailor solutions to your specific needs. Reach out to us today to explore how we can help transform your real estate aspirations into reality.



Rachel Bobilya

Senior Operating Manager


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